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england1I spent six weeks in England last semester. On weekdays I helped in a Waldorf kindergarten and studied grammar with Lucie, a friendly and fresh old lady, and another foreign student. On Saturdays we always went to London and Sunday was always Resting Day. In the kindergarten, we were with the children from the morning until 1.00 p.m. I had to peel the vegetables and fruits, do the washing up, tidy up, make the meals, fold paper airplanes and boats, sing, help them change their clothes, and sit next to every child at the same time (!). The teachers were very friendly, always happy and each child was unforgettable. The English lessons and the trips to London and Windsor were also fantastic and we studied a lot, but I think the kindergarten was the most interesting and the cutest thing during my stay. I was always looking forward to the morning to see the kids and be with them. We had an amazing time together and I have a lot of lovely stories and memories.

At last but not least here is my favorite conversation with my favorite little boy:
Kid: So, will you invite me to your birthday?
Me: I would invite you, but my birthday is in March and I won’t be here then.
Kid: But don’t celebrate it on Saturday!
Me: Okay, but...
Kid: Neither on Sunday morning.
Me: Okay, but...
Kid: Because I always go to swim that time and I’m sure I will be busy so that is not good.
Me: Okay, but...
Kid: Okaaaaay, see you later! And please, tell me when it will be!
Me: Okay, I will tell you.



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